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Twizler Plant Support

Multi-stem Plant Support

New galvanised steel plant support designed for vegetables and flowers including tomatoes, beans, sweet peas, roses etc.

The head of the coil is designed to fit into the top of a cane, then simply stretch the coil down to the ground and secure with the peg provided. The spring steel allows you to stretch the coil to a max length of approx 7ft (2.1m). Coil diameter approx 12" (30cm)

Quick and easy to erect
Extend the coil to the height required
Collapsible for easy storage

Twizler Plant Support Twizler Plant Support
Twizler Plant Support Twizler Plant Support

Plant support

Product Description
Unlike conventional plant supports the Twizler offer great flexibility within your garden as it can be easily added, re-positioned or removed at any time throughout the growing season. Retaining the plant stems within the spiral sections, allows secure support without restriction. This gives the plant freedom of movement and encourages air circulation, helping to prevent fungal diseases and promoting strong stem growth. Supporting "Asters to Zinnias" has never been so easy! This box contains three spiral Twizler heads each approximately 13" diameter and three support shafts each measuring approximately 19" tall.

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