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Spiral Plant Support

Galvanised steel 'spiral' multi-stem plant support. Designed to allow you to rotate the head into your established plants when they need support. The stem allows you to work with smaller plants, for added height simply drop the stem into a bamboo cane.

Insert the stem or cane into the soil in the centre of the plant requiring support. Rotate the head and gather in plant stems.

This support can be used as a grow through system but more importantly it can easily be put into established plants.

This revolutionary product will expand up to two metres high. It requires no tying and can be securely fastened to a stake or strong cane.

The unique spiral design supports natural growth habit and is ideal for Sweet Peas and other climbing plants.

It collapses flat for storage.


There's a special technique to using this design. Start from the edge of the stems you want to support-then slowly rotate the spiral. With each turn, more and more stems are captured and brought toward the center of the spiral. Lastly, fasten the head onto its center companion stake and press into the ground. The stems are held securely. When plants are fully grown, it's still easy to install these Spiral Supports-and they give better control than many other staking systems. All steel heavy gauge construction, coated in dark green plastic.

Each head requires one leg.


Galvanised or green spiral plant supports ideal for tomatoes or other climbing plants

Spiral Plant Supports Display


  • Galvanised: 100ea 180cm & 200cm
  • Galvanised: 150ea 150cm
  • Green: 100ea 175cm

Prod code Description Size Pack format Case qty
8201UK Spiral Plant Supports - Galvanised 150cm  Shelf Pack 10
8203UK Spiral Plant Supports - Galvanised 180cm Shelf Pack 10
8205UK Spiral Plant Supports - Galvanised 200cm Shelf Pack 10
8207UK Spiral Plant Supports - Green 175cm Shelf Pack 10


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